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Every effort is being made to balance gender. A couple (meaning man/woman pair who registers together) will be accepted immediately if there is space. This means you are registration partners; we will rotate couples within the classes. Please state clearly if you will room together or not. Our dormitory accommodations are primarily singles. If you can stay in two singles this is preferred and you will share a suite if you make this request (make note of this on the form). Singles will be placed on a waiting list and you will receive notice of this as well as when the match has been accommodated.

Reservations must be accompanied by a $100 deposit for each: tuition & dormitory. The balance of payment must be made at registration on July 6. To register copy the form, fill out and remit with your check to the address found below and at the lower portion of the form. Your reservation is confirmed when your payment is received. You may want to send an email to and copy and paste the form to confirm you are mailing the payment. This will place your name on the list at that time. Then when your payment is received it will be confirmed. This holding of a place on the list will require receiving payment within 10 working days. The registrar will send you confirmation via e mail and snail mail of all activity so as to keep you informed.

Please fill out one form for each registrant and make note of each on the check.  To register, fill out this form and remit with your check signed to:

The Society of Inseparable Friends Dance Academy.

Please note in the memo if for tuition alone or for dormitory as well. Also add registration partner's name.

Mail to:


2917 Lepage Street

New Orleans, La. 70119-3016

Fees :

$500 for Tuition for the week includes Dance Masters, Balls, Studios and Program.

$200 * dormitory (check-in July 5 afternoon, check-out July 12)

$50 linen fee (pillow, sheets, blanket, bath towels and wash cloth)

* included with your room is a fully equipped kitchen, see accommodation description

Please specify whether you want Suite mate/s:

 1 + 2 (1 double)

 3, 4, 5 (3 singles)

  Also, please indicate if you would like information on extended stay. You will be contacted by e mail. 

The extended dates would be:

July 3 & 4  prior to the workshop

July 12-13-14 following the workshop


Click here to open the Registration form in PDF downloadable format.  Then you can fill it our and mail it in!

Registration Form

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