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Tulane University

The campus is located in Uptown New Orleans and will host us for accommodations and studios.  It is about an hour via Streetcar to Downtown.  Tulane is upriver in the bend of the Mississippi River from Downtown.  The Riverbend area, as it is called, has many restaurants and shops. The infamous French Quarter is downriver and in the bend of the river on the opposite side of the "crescent" city.   We in New Orleans do not use North-South-East-West... instead we say Uptown/Downtown and Lakeside/Riverside.   Tulane is on the lakeside of St. Charles Avenue, Uptown.   This is because a street can change from E-W to N-S.   Because of the river, most everything in New Orleans is relatively close.

The campus has lovely 100 year old Oak trees creating a canopy of shade. Walking between the dorms and studios/food court/coffee houses and streetcar is short and covered because the campus is compact.   Due to the heat you will need to pace yourself and learn to walk more leisurely, our schedule will allow for this.   My grandmother always walked under an umbrella... parasol.   We in New Orleans like to keep our buildings cold so "it feels good to go outside"...really.   It is not unheard of to see ladies downtown carrying jackets for inside!   I advise you to bring a light jacket for this purpose and leg warmers as well. The studios require dance shoes. Please no street shoes.


The accommodations of which Tulane has graciously allowed us to avail ourselves of, are unusual.  Most universities are configured for double occupancy. Tulane is not.  All are configured as suites. Most are for 5 persons, one double and three singles. Doubles are limited in number yet I am assured that our needs will be met. Please let me know if you want a friend/s or registration partner to share your suite (note this on the registration form). Each suite has a living room (with sofa, etc.), a full kitchen (with full size refrigerator, sink, DISHWASHER, stove, oven and table & chairs) and 2 shared private bathrooms (some have tubs!). As part of your room fee we will outfit each kitchen with basic tools necessary to prepare lite food. Some rooms have a verandah with sliding doors.   

There is 24 hour security, entering the compound with a card ($5 fee if you lose this one). Each person receives a key to the suite (there is $75 fee if you lose this one) and a key to their own room ($5).  The rooms per person provide a bed, desk and closet.  Of course, all are air conditioned. 

Linens (pillow, sheets, blanket and towels) are your responsibility unless you speak with me about the problem this causes you, especially those coming from France, for example.  There are laundry facilities on campus.  There are many fine coffee shops; one is right next to the dorms and one is next to the studios. There is a state-of-the-art exercise facility called the Reily Center (use of ?, tba).   


The dorms do not include meals.  I always overeat when there is a meal ticket, so look at this as a blessing especially in the summer. New Orleans is known for it's food; would you really want to eat cafeteria food?  Breakfast will be possible in your rooms because of the kitchen facilities and equipment included with your room.  There is a grocery store a short drive away. Lunch could be packed as well. Lunch in the food court (located in the same building as the largest/main studio) can be purchased inexpensively with little or no waiting. This includes a daily hot meal, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Subway and more.

The neighborhood has many reasonably priced restaurants a short walk away and many fine ones a short drive away. This is reminiscent of eating at Cincinnati's Vintage Dance Week. Maps and directions will be provided. There will be time to eat, after classes end, the food of which New Orleans is reknown. The Napoleon House event includes catered food and open bar. Others include lite fare at intermission.

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