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                     Yvonne Vart    Sylvie & Bruno Gourier     Joan Walton    

                                              Richard Powers    Michelle Nadal

Yvonne Vart

Yvonne will teach dances of the Empire Period, 1803 specifically as well as teaching some dances of a later period.

For over 20 years Yvonne has been a collector, researcher and performer of 18th and 19th century ballroom dances.  A member of the EADH (European Association of Dance Historians) she has been responsible for the dance components in the Reverences (Lyon) and Camet de Bals (Paris) in France as well as others throughout Europe.  She has taught in Tokyo, Prague and Venice and choreographed for film and theater.

Sylvie & Bruno Gourier

Sylvie & Bruno are known as specialists of the typical Parisian Musette including Java, Toupie ("Spinning Top"), Parisian Samba, Musette Tango and Musette Bolero.  They lived in the Paris region until 2000.  After having discovered and danced the Parisian Musette for a long time, they created a method of teaching these dances.  They have been working together since 1993 and gave lessons at the Evasion, formerly Boulevard Bonne Nouvelle, which was one of  the best Musette places in Paris until the end of the 20th century.

Sylvie has been dancing Musette since she was 18.  Of classical training, she qualified as a Classical Dance Teacher in 1997.

Bruno discovered the pleasures of dancing with Rock 'n Roll in the early '80's.  His interest spread quickly to all other forms of dancing and particularly to the Musette.

For more info go to their fabulous website:

Joan Walton

Joan Walton has taught vintage dance workshops across the U.S., Australia and Europe.  Her high-energy, focused teaching & choreographic style never fails to delight.  She has performed all over the U.S, including the Smithsonian, and her vintage dance choreographies have been performed by many vintage and university dance companies.  She is currently a freelance dance teacher and choreographer in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Richard Powers, Stanford University

Richard Powers is an internationally known vintage dance historian and teacher.  On the faculty of Stanford University, he consults on historical dance for the film industry and directs a vintage dance performing group.  He created the first vintage dance week nearly 20 years ago in Cincinnati, and he brings his unequaled experience and never-failing teaching style to New Orleans.



Michelle Nadal, France

Arts & Movement

Paris, France

Michelle will come as an honored guest of the City of New Orleans.


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